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ANCIENT GREENFIELDS PVT LTD (AGF) company based from southern part of India which is the homeland of Moringa oleifera for centuries. More than a decade we have been INDIA’s largest producer and exporter of Moringa oleifera seeds for several cultivation projects around the world. When practically experiencing and exploring great health benefits of the ‘Miracle Tree’ Moringa to human being, we introduced ‘ORGANIC VEDA’ range of Moringa healthcare products. Determining to have the highest quality Moringa, we release only 100% certified organically grown and processed Moringa supplements.We are proud to announce that our all Moringa supplement products have been awarded ORGANIC CERTIFICATION on USDA NOP, INDIA, EUROPEAN UNION organic standards. Also we have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification by TUV NORD.ORGANIC VEDA MORINGA brings the nature’s gift “MIRACLE TREE” in its own form for the real health and well being. Our moringa supplements are 100% organic certified, organically grown by our superior variety moringa oleifera from India’s naturally enriched Western Ghats Eco Soil ensures the highly nutritive, pure, non-polluted, chemical free, pesticide-free, herbicide-free, hygienic premium quality moringa. Our range of moringa health care products are 100% pure moringa leaf powder, 100% pure moringa powder capsules, moringa tea (original, lemon, ginger, green tea flavors), 100% pure moringa oil, moringa handmade soap and many more moringa natural personal care products.
Vision: Our vision is a differently functional friendly market with the promise of organic agriculture and delivery of Mother Nature organic products to consumers worldwide from farms that are celebrated for their innovative design, social equity and stewardship of land and where healthy and fair returns are shared among all in the supply chain.
Mission: Enhancing the health and well-being through natural and qualitative products accompanied with Mother Nature. Catalyze market to deliver sustained environmental, economic and social benefits through expansion of organic products.
AGF Moringa products has reached several countries throughout the world, particularly in the following countries Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Belgium, USA, Thailand, Japan, Spain, Srilanka, UK, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, Costa Rica, Germany, Senegal, Cambodia, Ghana, Italy, Ethiopia, Cameron, South Korea, South Africa, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Philippines, Vietnam, Venezuela, Canada, Iran, Netherlands, Pakistan, Ivory coast, India and several other countries.
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